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Ever wonder what to do with those huge radishes that seem to want to grow above the ground? Did you know you can cook them? I’ve tried steaming them and serving with salt, pepper, and butter–yummy! Sort of like a mild turnip. And they can be sliced thinly and sauteed with other fresh veggies for […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this perfect-weather Thanksgiving Day, while I rest up before the marauding hordes arrive, I am reflecting on how very grateful I am for all the wonderful things that have happened at the Garden this year and the dedicated people who made them all possible. Thanks to community leaders and their supporters, who worked tirelessly […]

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Over 100 Attend First Annual Fall Festival

We had a great turnout (over 100 people) in spite of the weather…and scrumptious food that everyone raved about!  (Beware:  Becky wants to open a restaurant in Westbury and she thinks she has found her chefs….)  The fact that the mayor and her entourage stayed for over an hour to eat, tour, and talk after […]

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Monthly meeting-Platou Center 10/13 6:30PM

Just a reminder to everyone:  our monthly garden meeting will be this Monday, Oct. 13,  at 6:30PM at the Platou Center, 11655 Chimney Rock.  (For our new gardeners: we meet at the Platou Center during the fall, winter, and early spring.)  We will be discussing the Fall Festival, so be sure to attend!  

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Work Day 8/23

What a great day! In spite of the heat, a full work crew of gardeners and volunteers turned out to weed beds and aisles, re-cardboard and re-mulch the aisles in the back rows, and just generally spiff things up. Ray and Stephen led the bed and aisle cleanup, while Kat worked with others in the […]

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An Open Letter From Bert and Diana Gonzalez

Dear WCG members, We are so glad we decided to join this growing (literally and figuratively) organization!  We have found so many helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and generous Westbury residents through the 2 1/2 years we’ve been members.  What a great discovery for us.  It really does give both Bert and me a better sense of […]

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WCG Watering Teams

How many of you would appreciate help with watering your bed(s), specially through the long, hot summer? Some of us have already formed watering groups, where one person from the group waters  all beds in that group daily (or every other day or whatever).  That way a gardener may only have to come to the […]

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