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Archive | November, 2017

Urban Harvest’s Autumn Harvest Celebration Hosted at WCG

On November 11, Urban Harvest held their annual Autumn Harvest Celebration on the WCG grounds. It was a time for community gardens across Houston to come together to share a meal and enjoy each other’s company. Urban Harvest Community Gardens Coordinator, Dawn Newcomer, spoke about Urban Harvest’s mission and goals reached through the year. Did you […]

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Tomato Road T-Shirt Fundraiser

Westbury Community Garden will begin a capital campaign in 2018 to raise funds for infrastructure improvements at the garden (new roadways, parking areas and drainage). Help us get a jump start on fund-raising by ordering a “I support WCG” t-shirt for $25 at the link below. Place your pre-order from Nov. 15 – Dec. 5. […]

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Donate Your Excess Produce To ECHOS

We all hate to see beautiful, healthy, organic produce go to waste! There are thousands of children and hundreds of families who could benefit from but can’t afford the nutrition that rots in our gardens. Here’s an idea about how to address the issue: The Epiphany Church Health Outreach Services (ECHOS) runs a food pantry. They are […]

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Watch For Hawaiian Beet Webworm

Retired Texas A&M professor and advisor to Plant-It-Forward-Farms, Joe Novak, alerted us to an infestation of garden plantings of the Hawaiian Beet Webworm moth larvae. This pest  has also sadly begun attacking the new beet seedlings in adjacent plots. The Hawaiian Beet Webworm will attack Beets, Chard and Spinach plants. It devastated PIFF crops last year. Joe suggests that plants in the […]

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