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Archive | July, 2014

An Open Letter From Bert and Diana Gonzalez

Dear WCG members, We are so glad we decided to join this growing (literally and figuratively) organization!  We have found so many helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and generous Westbury residents through the 2 1/2 years we’ve been members.  What a great discovery for us.  It really does give both Bert and me a better sense of […]

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Cucumber Beetles

This garden pest, the Spotted Cucumber Beetle, has been seen at Westbury Community Garden beginning in May. We also may see the smaller Striped Cucumber Beetle and Green Banded Cucumber Beetle. All three of these have small black heads. They are evasive and hard to catch/kill, as they fly off quickly. Their eggs are yellow, oval and […]

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Tree Farm at Westbury Community Garden

  On June 25, 2014, crews arrived to re-pot 170 trees and set up a drip irrigation system for the new Tree Farm at Westbury Community Garden. The seeds for this project (pun intended) came from Trees for Houston, who provided the trees, pots, and the expertise to set up the irrigation system. Scotts Miracle-Gro , always a […]

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Squash Vine Borers

Have you seen this moth flitting around your squash plants? Look closely. It is has a greenish black top wing and transparent, black-veined bottom wing and is often confused with a wasp. It buzzes when it flies. Unlike most moths, it flies in the daytime. The Squash Vine Borer, Melitta curcurbitae, is a serious pest of vine […]

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It’s July and fig trees are bearing lots of delicious figs. The yellow figs are Banana fig, and are ripe when they slightly change color to a deeper yellow, and when you touch the fig and it is tender, it is ready to pick. If you don’t pick it right away, it will ferment and be […]

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