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Remember how a real tomato tastes?

Do you want to garden? Do you remember how good a home grown tomato tastes? Are you looking for something uplifting and rewarding? Look no further! Don’t miss out on this chance to be involved in something that is truly amazing.

Harvesting Brussels Sprouts

Want to learn more? Come to the monthly garden meeting or a work day and you’ll find someone who can answer your questions. Check our calendar for dates and times or contact the Membership Chairperson directly at Are you new to gardening? WCG will partner you with an experienced garden mentor to get you started and offer advise when needed. Is 100 sq. ft. too much to take care of? Ask a friend or neighbor to share your bed and split the work and rewards. Many of our gardeners form watering teams. Each gardener waters several beds just one or two days a week.As fresh as it gets!

When I Join, I Agree To

  • Pay an annual fee per bed ($72) to help pay garden expenses, including water. The WCG year runs from March 1 to end of February. The fee is prorated for gardeners joining after June.
  • Maintain the pathways and common areas by spending a minimum of 12 hours/year for general maintenance and cleanup.
  • Assist on one of the garden committees such as watering, composting, education, pest control, specialty gardens, etc.
  • Garden year-round (minimum of 3 out of 4 seasons). Gardeners must not allow their plots to go untended or become weedy.
  • Not plant illegal plants or invasive plants, as determined by the WCG.
  • Use only organic fertilizers and pesticides.

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