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    Are you passionate about local organic produce, battling food deserts, maintaining urban greenspace, teaching sustainability and caring for the planet?  Consider an endowment, grant or donation to our capital campaign to purchase our 7 acre property. Learn more about our development plans and how your donation can help.

Support For Plants

Some plants must be supported to be at maximum production. These plants are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, long beans, pole beans, bitter melon, Malabar spinach. Tools: The garden’s two handled fence post driver is in the small shed. (See photo.) Trellises are for cucumbers, long beans, pole beans, bitter melon, Malabar spinach. Trellises can be […]

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2014 Spring Seed Set

The set may be purchased for $10. It includes 18 vegetable/herb/flower varieties. Edamame will be arriving later. Arugula — Sylvetta Basil —  Genovese Beans — Carson Yellow Bush Bean and Jade Bush Bean Cucumber – Armenian and Suyo Long Edamame — Midori Giant (not yet available) Eggplant — Kermit Green and Orient Express Flowers — […]

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Planting Seeds

How deep to plant seeds Plant seeds 3 times the width of the seed. If it is a very little seed like carrot or lettuce, plant it very close to the surface and water often until the seed germinates. These seeds need light to germinate, so plant them just under the surface of the soil. […]

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Personal Gardening Equipment

These personal garden tools are recommended. Gloves: Invest in a pair of gloves you like and which can be washed. Better still, have two pairs. Hand tools: trowel, hand cultivator, watering wand or fan nozzle (plus your Faucet Key), weeding tool (there are many), garden scissors or pruning shears Long handled tools: Cultivator or hoe, […]

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Crop Rotation

Rotating your planting scheme is one of the things that hasn’t really gotten a lot of discussion yet, but everyone should give it some serious consideration this year. Different plant families use up different things from the soil, are attractive to different pests, harbor different diseases, etc. Crop rotation helps address these issues and keep […]

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WCG Composting Programs

Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich humus which fuels plant growth and restores vitality to soils. It is also good for the environment and reduces landfill waste. Presently, we have the “Tree Leaf” compost program located near the storage buildings. Candice and her committee will take your leaves that you bring from home […]

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Weeding and Disposal

Weekly weeding of your garden and the surrounding aisles are essential. No weed killers/ herbicides are used in WCG. Learn to know weeds and how they grow which enables you to remove them effectively. Once a weed flowers, it produces seeds which quickly become more weeds.  Therefore, pull out even small weeds. Acquire a good […]

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Cover Crops

There are many places online (and in books) where you can read about crop rotation in depth, the whys and wherefores. One thing to note is that the bean family can be used as a cover crop anywhere in the rotation when wanted or needed. SUMMER: southern peas in the summer are a very effective […]

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