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Executive Committee

Vice President

Garden Management
Community Outreach Committee
Develops and organizes WCG efforts to serve the community, including donations of produce, education programs for students and citizens and partnering with other organizations.
Education Committee
Orients new gardeners to the garden, distributes new-gardener packets, works to bring education to the gardeners in areas of particular interest. May also hold classes for non-gardeners.
Fund-Raising Committee
Organizes fundraising events and programs. Builds and maintains donor and development-related contacts that promote the Westbury Community Garden’s mission and commitments.
IT Management Committee
Develops and maintains the garden’s website and email systems.
Membership Committee
Maintains the garden roster, handles membership inquiries, assigns beds when available, maintains waiting list.
Planning Committee
Creates plans for development and use of the WCG property. Works with other committees to determine best use of the site.
Work Coordination Committee
Plan and facilitate work days, reports gardeners’ hours to Membership Committee.
Garden Maintenance
Compost Committee
Coordinates the composting process to produce compost to be used in the garden.
Facilities Committee
Works to maintain structures on site (pavilion, plumbing, cistern, driveway, port-a-potty, sheds, signage, etc.) Obtains rough mulch and cardboard for aisles.
Landscape Committee
Arranges for mowing and edging of the grounds as needed. May also facilitate future design efforts.
Pest/Disease Control Committee
Gathers reports of pests/diseases, advises gardeners how to handle them, and assists as needed.
Seed and Plant Committee
Selects and orders a variety of seeds and plants for gardeners to purchase each season. Coordinates distribution. Recommends and purchases fertilizer and mulch for beds.
Specialty Gardens Committee
Manages and maintains all specialty gardens on site.
Watering Committee
Waters common areas as needed.

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