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Over 100 Attend First Annual Fall Festival


Mayor Annise Parker (r) tours Westbury Community Garden at the Fall Festival.

We had a great turnout (over 100 people) in spite of the weather…and scrumptious food that everyone raved about!  (Beware:  Becky wants to open a restaurant in Westbury and she thinks she has found her chefs….)  The fact that the mayor and her entourage stayed for over an hour to eat, tour, and talk after the program was quite a compliment, especially since we were her 2nd of 3 events for the day and she could have gone home to rest up for the next one instead!

A thousand thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this day a success:
–Allen, Wayne, and H for the hours and hours they spent spiffing up the grounds and organizing parking.  And in case you haven’t noticed, they are in the process of putting up the handsome concrete benches donated by Home Depot last spring.
–Dita and Betsy for securing the chairs for the event (we had just the right number!)
–Bonnie, Hazel P. and their food committee who coordinated the serving of all the wonderful food brought by gardeners (and even by some non-gardeners, who just wanted to be part of the fun).
–Debbie and her volunteers who came up with the fun activities for adults and kids alike.  It was such a treat to see all the little ones in the garden running around and having fun.  Lots of great ideas!
–Raj for implementing the scarecrow contest.  Visitors really got a kick out of them–does anyone know which one won?
–Last, but not least, Becky E. for organizing the program and doing such a lovely job of introducing the mayor and other dignitaries.

I know it was a lot of work, but we can truly be proud of what we accomplished today, and of the place we hold in the Westbury Community.  Our Garden is becoming a destination for people, both in our community and in our city–an example of what can be accomplished by committed people who care about their environment.

If I left anyone out, I apologize.  And thank you all for being such great ambassadors for the Garden!  You did yourselves proud!


The photo album from the Fall Festival can be seen on our Facebook page.

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