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Using the Gas Powered Tools:  Get Exercise!

We encourage garden members to learn to use the gas powered tools to do common maintenance jobs around the garden.  We have a Stihl Trimmer and a Stihl Edger.  The trimmer is used often in trimming around fruit trees, sheds, and along the butterfly garden as well as any other place a mower can’t reach.  The Stihl products are easy to start and slightly lighter weight than other trimmers.

All power tools have certain rules you must be aware of to operate them safely and to keep the tool itself in good shape.  A big issue is fuel.  We have special fuel put out by Stihl for its tools.  It is in a small metal can in the shed near the tools.  Only this fuel should be used.  No substitutes.  We try to always keep a supply in the shed. It only comes in quart cans at this time.

The lawnmower, too, has special fuel needs.  We cannot use old gas.   So, the gas can we have is small – only about 2 quarts.  The lawnmower has been tuned up for the new season of mowing.  It has an easy start feature.

Before the next work day, anyone who wants to learn to use the trimmer and the lawnmower safely and effectively should contact Hazel for orientation.


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