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2014 Spring Seed Set

The set may be purchased for $10. It includes 18 vegetable/herb/flower varieties. Edamame will be arriving later.

Arugula — Sylvetta

Basil —  Genovese

Beans — Carson Yellow Bush Bean and Jade Bush Bean

Cucumber – Armenian and Suyo Long

Edamame — Midori Giant (not yet available)

Eggplant — Kermit Green and Orient Express

Flowers — Sunbow Zinnias

Long Beans — Gita and Red Noodle (need support)

Okra — Burmese Okra

Peas – Black Crowder and Purple Hull Peas

Spinach — Perpetual (a warm weather chard)

Squash — Magda Zucchini and Zephyr Summer Squash

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