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It’s July and fig trees are bearing lots of delicious figs. The yellow figs are Banana fig, and are ripe when they slightly change color to a deeper yellow, and when you touch the fig and it is tender, it is ready to pick. If you don’t pick it right away, it will ferment and be […]

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Harlequin Bugs

The first week of May, 2014, many gardeners reported seeing this bug on broccoli that had bolted and other plants in the brassica family. This pest is Murgantia histrionica, also known as the Harlequin Bug or Cabbage Bug. Harlequin bugs come because there are plants that are past their prime. They especially like all the brassica […]

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2014 Spring Seed Set

The set may be purchased for $10. It includes 18 vegetable/herb/flower varieties. Edamame will be arriving later. Arugula — Sylvetta Basil —  Genovese Beans — Carson Yellow Bush Bean and Jade Bush Bean Cucumber – Armenian and Suyo Long Edamame — Midori Giant (not yet available) Eggplant — Kermit Green and Orient Express Flowers — […]

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Planting Seeds

How deep to plant seeds Plant seeds 3 times the width of the seed. If it is a very little seed like carrot or lettuce, plant it very close to the surface and water often until the seed germinates. These seeds need light to germinate, so plant them just under the surface of the soil. […]

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