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Plan Your Fall Garden – Get Seeds Now

Seed packets are ready for purchase! Do you have yours yet? The seeds have been chosen by gardeners who have years of experience growing in the Houston climate. There are 40 varieties of vegetables in this year’s seed packet. The cost is $12. If purchased individually the seeds would cost over $100.

In addition to the packet of 40, there is a limited supply of Snow Crown Cauliflower and Touchstone Gold Beet for $0.50 per packet.

We have more than enough for our gardeners this year, so extra seed sets will be sold to gardeners outside of WCG.

Seed packets may be purchased at the monthly garden meeting or by contacting Ray or Dita.

Get your seeds and start planning! Some varieties can be planted now (September) and most others can be planted in October and throughout the cool winter months.

Variety When To Plant
Arugula    Carrot, Mokum

Carrot, Rainbow

Dill, Goldkrone

Endive, Dubuisson

Fennel, Zefo Fino

Turnip, Hakurei

Turnip, Purple Top


Beet, ChioggiaBeet, Early Wonder

Bok Choy, Joy Choy

Broccoli, Arcadia

Cabbage, Alcosa

Cabbage, Gonzales

Celery, Par-cel

Chard, Bright Lights

Chard, Perpetual

Cilantro, Calypso

Collards, Flash

Cress, Cressida

Lettuce, Allstar Mix

Lettuce, Black Seeded

Lettuce, Nancy Bibb

Lettuce, Red Salad Bowl

Kale, Red Russian

Kale, Toscano

Kholrabi, Azur Star Purple

Kholrabi, Winter White

Mustard, Green Wave

Mustard, Mizuna

Mustard, Ruby Streaks

Parsley, Giant of Italy

Parsnip, Javelin

Radish, Easter Egg

Radish, French Breakfast

Sorrel, French

Spinach, Carmel

Onion, Multiplying November
Pea, Cascadia Snap

Pea, Oregon Snow


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