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Cucumber Beetles

This garden pest, the Spotted Cucumber Beetle, has been seen at Westbury Community Garden beginning in May. We also may see the smaller Striped Cucumber Beetle and Green Banded Cucumber Beetle. All three of these have small black heads. They are evasive and hard to catch/kill, as they fly off quickly. Their eggs are yellow, oval and […]

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Squash Vine Borers

Have you seen this moth flitting around your squash plants? Look closely. It is has a greenish black top wing and transparent, black-veined bottom wing and is often confused with a wasp. It buzzes when it flies. Unlike most moths, it flies in the daytime. The Squash Vine Borer, Melitta curcurbitae, is a serious pest of vine […]

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Garlic-Pepper-Onion Bug Spray

This safe and effective spray the can be made at home. It makes the vegetables or leaves tasty nasty to the bugs so they stop munching. You must wash your veggies before eating them if you use this stuff! It will taste nasty to you, too! I have made a large batch of the concentrate. […]

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Harlequin Bugs

The first week of May, 2014, many gardeners reported seeing this bug on broccoli that had bolted and other plants in the brassica family. This pest is Murgantia histrionica, also known as the Harlequin Bug or Cabbage Bug. Harlequin bugs come because there are plants that are past their prime. They especially like all the brassica […]

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Crop Rotation

Rotating your planting scheme is one of the things that hasn’t really gotten a lot of discussion yet, but everyone should give it some serious consideration this year. Different plant families use up different things from the soil, are attractive to different pests, harbor different diseases, etc. Crop rotation helps address these issues and keep […]

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