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Personal Gardening Equipment

garden gloves

These personal garden tools are recommended.

Gloves: Invest in a pair of gloves you like and which can be washed. Better still, have two pairs.

Hand tools: trowel, hand cultivator, watering wand or fan nozzle (plus your Faucet Key), weeding tool (there are many), garden scissors or pruning shears

Gardening trowel and hand fork

Long handled tools: Cultivator or hoe, fan rake

Trash removal: plastic bags or garden bag to collect weeds, dead plants. Read signs and/or consult the compost committee about what to put in the compost pile and what to put in the waste bin.

Garden Notebook: For charting your garden, recording fertilizer and compost garden markers use, recording what you plant, reporting what succeeds, etc.
Charting is essential for rotating crops.

Labels: Buy plastic labels (SW Fertilizer) or make labels from old mini-blinds strips. You can write on them with pencil and it lasts.

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