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Sweet Potatoes

I cannot think of a more rewarding vegetable. The tubers (roots) and leaves can be prepared in a variety of ways for delicious and nutritious side dishes and who can resist a sweet potato pie. However, the culinary value is just one of the rewards for growing them in your garden. Sweet potatoes are easy to grow […]

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The Most Neglected Season

When we all signed our gardeners agreement, we agreed to plant in each of three seasons with the option of having a fallow season (with WCG approval). Are you prepared for the summer season?  It is here! Preparing For the Hot Summer Season Remove all plants that are not producing, including diseased and sick or dead plants. When […]

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Tips For A Highly Productive Garden

FOR BEST PRODUCE, PICK PRODUCE BEFORE FULLY MATURE AND OFTEN The monitors have noticed many beds with rotting produce on plants and on the ground. It is tempting to leave rotten tomatoes and other produce on the ground but rotten produce encourages bad insects and diseases that could spread to your neighbors beds. Although most […]

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Support For Plants

Some plants must be supported to be at maximum production. These plants are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, long beans, pole beans, bitter melon, Malabar spinach. Tools: The garden’s two handled fence post driver is in the small shed. (See photo.) Trellises are for cucumbers, long beans, pole beans, bitter melon, Malabar spinach. Trellises can be […]

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Tomato Preferences

Since we have a lot of new gardeners, I thought it would be helpful to recirculate this information I sent last spring to those of you that are having trouble deciding what tomatoes to plant. Heirloom vs. Hybrid There are two types of tomatoes available at nurseries. Most agree that the heirloom varieties taste better […]

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