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The Most Neglected Season

When we all signed our gardeners agreement, we agreed to plant in each of three seasons with the option of having a fallow season (with WCG approval). Are you prepared for the summer season?  It is here!

Preparing For the Hot Summer Season

  1. Remove all plants that are not producing, including diseased and sick or dead plants.
    When removing plants, knock off as much soil as you can & keep soil from falling into aisle so you do not excessively deplete the soil in your bed and promote weed growth in the aisles.
  2. Dispose of diseased plants, insect infested plants and woody plants into the dumpster and not the compost bins. Ask someone in the compost committee if you are not sure what is safe to compost.
  3. Plant vegetables that like heat such as okra, eggplant, peppers, sweet potatoes, and heat loving beans.
    Keep in mind, most of these crops have long production seasons and could interfere with plants you want to plant in the fall.
  4. After planting a summer crop, be sure to mulch properly.
    Use alfalfa hay or pine needles and evenly cover with 2 inches of material.
  5. Watering
    Keep newly planted seeds and plants moist, which might mean watering daily or more often.For established plants, test soil and only water when soil is dry one inch below the surface and then water evenly and thoroughly.

    Only use fan or rose fan (extended fan) nozzles on the hose and turn off at faucet.

    Water the ground, not the leaves (like the picture).

    Wet leaves encourage diseases, especially in warm weather and water actually burn the leaves in the hot afternoon sun. Watering in early morning or evening is best and remember to water the ground, not the leaves.

    Do not turn the water off at the nozzle and leave faucet at the on position.

    Do not leave water running in one spot and/or letting it run into the aisles. Watering the aisles encourages weed growth.Be careful not to stretch the hose so far that it puts pressure on the PVC pipe where the faucet is attached to prevent a PVC break.

    If you will be out of town on vacation, be sure and ask someone to tend your bed (water and weed) while you are away from the garden.

    Report to Site Maintenance Chairman if you observe leaks when the water is turned off.

Enjoy your garden this summer. Our garden rules are meant to help everyone to enjoy all aspects of Westbury Community Garden.

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