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Starting the Spring Garden

Thinking about your spring garden? Here is a check list.

  1. Winter plants removed.
  2. Weeds removed.
  3. Soil loosened to aerate it.  Don’t plant into hard compacted soil.
  4. Microlife fertilizer worked in.  Maybe a bag of composted manure will help.
  5. Soil raked smooth and well watered.
  6. Garden plan drawn on paper.
  7. Markers for seed rows and plants.
  8. Trellis or wire cages should go in when you plant.
  9. Time set aside to do the job.
  10. Daily visits to your garden to water while your seeds germinate and plants adapt to their transplant.

Evenings and mornings are cool now, and the evenings are lengthening giving more time to work the garden.

Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26 are the ideal days to plant many of your spring seeds and bedding plants you may have bought.  Tomatoes like a jump on upcoming hot weather but need protection if there is a cold snap.

Let’s all have good productive spring gardens.


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