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We Are More Than HALFWAY To Our Year End Fundraising Goal!

We have great news today!!!!! Donations to Save the 7-Acre Westbury Community Garden have passed $25,000! We are now more than HALFWAY to our goal to raise at least $50,000 dollars by December 31. Total donations are: $21,960 by cash /check, plus $3,523 online via credit card = $25,483. We love our generous donors. Thank you!

If you want to make a tax-deductible donation in 2013 to help Save the 7-Acre Westbury Community Garden from being paved over for an apartment complex, then here is the information to make a donation. Donations made online with a credit card will receive an immediate email receipt from our online non-profit fundraising service Network for Good. The link isĀ

Those who prefer to make a donation via check may send their donations to the non-profit 501c3 Westbury Area Improvement Corproation (WAIC) with a notation in the memo line for “Westbury Land Acquisition.” Mail to:

5322 W. Bellfort, Suite 107
Houston TX 77035

Help us spread the word about this worthy project sponsored by the WAIC. Thanks again for your support.

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