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YES Prep 6th Graders Volunteer At The Garden

On Wednesday, April 8, a group of 40 6th graders from YES Prep Northside came to the garden to help on the prairie.  Their main task was to clear the bamboo that had been dumped between Plant It Forward Farms and the Westbury Pocket Prairie.

In one hour 28 students, under the direction of Al Potvin and Wayne Slaikeu, had the bamboo moved to the street side of the young oak trees. Twelve students helped in the prairie.  Betsy Longoria worked with three girls to plant a cluster of penstemon plants, I worked with four girls to plant Salvia coccinea and more Brown-Eyed Susans.  The rest of our little group — five girls — combed the prairie and street and filled five bags with litter.

Thank you, YES Prep Northside.  Altogether they have 160 sixth graders and all have been out to Westbury this year to do a service project.  We are glad we could have their help.

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