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Inspiration From Our Gardeners

I like to talk to other gardeners.   I find it very helpful, interesting and educational.   One tip I learned from Bert (E13) was about pine needles. I told Bert I rake up my pine needles then dump them on my azaleas and fertilize. The results have been amazing.  Bert told me there was a better way to handle the pine needles. He rakes his needles into a pile then sets his lawnmower on top of the pile. The blade from the lawnmower breaks up the needles into a fine compost. Why didn’t I think of this?

Strawberry Tower

Gary (D11) beside vertical strawberry tower with a visitor to the garden.

Hey Ray (Master Gardener/PIF) what about my onions. I didn’t know this and was glad for the information. I didn’t realize that just like tomatoes you need to place phosphate in the hole before planting your onions. The roots should touch the phosphate. Ray indicated that this should also be done with peppers. I had just about given up on my onions and peppers until I talked to Ray. Thanks Ray. I look forward to next year.

Patty (E3), a new gardener, has had amazing results with her onions (planted 2/15/14) so I just had to ask her, “What is your secret?” One of the things she did was watch videos on YouTube about planting onions. Again why didn’t I think of this? This was very helpful. You may not know this but Patty is a master gardener.

If you can stand it I received this tidbit from Hazel (A4). I spent a lot of time and money buying seeds and trying to grow brussel spouts with no luck. Finally I started asking people where they purchased their seeds. Everyone said they bought plants. Hazel told me “You can’t grow brussel sprouts from seeds.” November can’t come soon enough!

Finally I would like to say I find Julie’s vertical strawberry tower in B3 simply inspirational. What a space saver.

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