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Earth Day at the Garden 2017

On Earth Day, April 22, it took many hands to accomplish re-mulching most of the aisles at the garden. Crews cleared and leveled the aisles, laid down cardboard for weed block,  and distributed 25 yards of new mulch in the aisles.

Urban Harvest generously donated 18 yards of mulch, supplies, snacks and water. WCG purchased additional mulch. Urban Harvest also sent a crew of  eight volunteers. Twenty-two gardeners helped out to earn part of their annual volunteer hours commitment. WCG Work Day Coordinator, Nancy, also hustled up many individual volunteers and groups from corporate organizations and schools making a total of 61 people in the workforce.

Thanks to all who attended and made this record breaking Work Day a success!

Note: Twenty-five yards of mulch didn’t go as far as you might think! We will have an additional mulch delivery and the May 20 Community Service Day will be a continuation of this project to cover all the garden aisles. Come join us 8AM to noon!

Preparing cardboard to be placed on the aisles


Some of the many volunteers helping at the Garden


Moving the wheelbarrows into position


Clearing the aisles between the beds


Loading wheelbarrows from the mulch pile


Working around the beds


Laying out the cardboard in the aisles


The mulch pile is going down


Spreading the mulch in the aisles


Clearing the weeds under the pavilion


Andy unloading mulch from his truck


And the mulch pile is gone

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