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Spring Seeds Are Available For $10

These 21 varieties are available in the Spring 2015 Seed Pack. You also get inocculant for the edamame, since it is a different rhizobium than our normal beans require.

Contact Ray or Shelly and meet at the garden to purchase your seeds.

Vegetable/herb When to plant
Arugula-regular Plant Feb – Apr
Arugula-Sylvetta Plant Feb – July
Basil-Genovese Plant Apr – Jul
Basil-Red Rubin Plant Apr – Jul
Bush Beans-Maxibel (green filet) Plant March – Apr
Bush Beans-Provider (green) Plant March – Apr
Bush Beans-Rocdor (yellow) Plant March – Apr
Butterbeans Edamame (Edible soybeans) Plant Mar – June
Chard-Perpetual Plant Feb – March
Cucumber-Amiga Plant Mar – July
Cucumber-H-19 Little Leaf (pickler) Plant Mar – July
Cucumber-Suyo Long (Asian burpless) Plant Mar – July
Long Bean-Red Noodle (pole) Plant Apr – July
Radish- Easter Egg Plant Feb – Mar
Radish-D’Avignon (French breakfast) Plant Feb – Mar
Squash-Butternut (vining) Plant Apr – Jun
Squash-Gold Star Plant Mar – Apr
Squash-Golden Glory Zucchini Plant Mar – Apr
Squash-Sunburst Plant Mar – Apr
Squash-Zephyr Plant Mar – Apr
Tomatillo-Toma Verde Plant in March

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