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FigsIt’s July and fig trees are bearing lots of delicious figs.

Banana Fig

Banana Fig

The yellow figs are Banana fig, and are ripe when they slightly change color to a deeper yellow, and when you touch the fig and it is tender, it is ready to pick. If you don’t pick it right away, it will ferment and be no good.

LSU Purple

LSU Purple

The large purple fig is LSU Purple. They are ripe when tender to the touch and either fully purple or mostly purple. They main way to tell if it is ripe is to feel it, and if it is slightly soft, taste it. It should be sweet.

Celeste Fig


The small brown/purple fig is Celeste. It is ripe when the fig turns from green to brown, and usually weeps down from its upright position. Again, feel it. If it is tender and starting to get soft, pick one and taste it. It should be very sweet.

Petite Negra

Petite Negra

The Petite Negra figs may not be ripe yet. Check them out by feeling to find the soft ones. Then taste. It should be sweet.



Figs will keep in the refrigerator for a couple of days before going bad. I put them on paper towels in a container, one layer only (do not stack on top of each other). You can eat them fresh, or put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer; then transfer into a freezer bag once frozen. They are great with breakfast coming right out of the freezer.


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