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City is Now a Certified Wildlife Friendly City

Invitation to Proclamation, Tues., April 18, 1:30 p.m.


From: “Aplaca, Jed – PRD” <>

Date: Apr 10, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to all the groups in Houston who have helped with this directly or indirectly.  Houston is now certified as a wildlife friendly city.  All the credit should go to the citizens who have pushed for wildlife habitats and created them in their own yards. All of the events and projects that are put on throughout the city are very important in advancing the importance of wildlife friendly communities. All of you helped in one way or another and I would like to thank each of you for your help!  There will be a proclamation made on Tuesday, April 18th at 1:30pm at City Hall in the Council Chambers marking this accomplishment.  Please plan on attending to show your support and so we can thank all the groups involved.  We will also be holding an event later in the fall when everyone can share their own info about conservation in the Houston area.

I know I don’t have everyone on here who should credited with helping, so please share with/forward to anyone you can to express my gratitude.


Jed L. Aplaca, M.S., CPRP

Natural Resources Manager

Houston Parks and Recreation Dept.

Provide habitat for pollinators!

Steps to become a part of the CITY WILDLIFE CERTIFICATION:

STEP 1 – Please certify your Backyard Habitat here:

Provide these habitat basics in your own yard: 

* Provide Water Sources                * Safeguard Native/Pollinator Habitat 

A key element for a variety of pollinators Remove or prevent invasive plants, avoid pesticides

* Provide Food                                * Provide Shelter 

Wildlife/Pollinators need a diversity of food/nectar/pollen sources Pollinators need places to nest and to overwinter

STEP 2 – Once your backyard is certified, please let the Houston WILD administrator know here: 


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